Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Another 2 semesters to go.

But still, the memory in Part 4 was among of the best memories I've ever had.
I realized something, besides my superb awesome girlfriends and boyfriends (whom NEVER failed to cheer me up) I did enjoyed my part 4 life with you.
yeah, you!

Strangers for me at the very beginning. 
To be honest, if I'm not gonna make a collaboration with your collage then I would never accept your requested to go out for a movie. trust me, NEVER
So.. as the time passes by, you and me getting more closely together. I shouldn't say this but err.. I think everyone noticed that ;D 

Lets get the story straight. 

Indeed, you are so unpredictable. 
I'm not sure if you still remember this. There's one time when I was really down and you came to surprise me. At the moment when chocolate and teddy bear came out from your bag, it was really so 'heartskipsabeat' moment. seriously said.

So okay, let the other memories remain just between us :)

Before I end my entry which obviously about you (duhh,I've never expect I'll do this) I would like to say 'THANK YOU'.
 I don't know how far this relationship will go and I can't sure you would it end nicely.
Whatever it might be, I want you to know that I do appreciate you.

p/s : I will never expect something from you and will never give any serious commitment to anyone which is clearly still not confirm 'the one' for me. So until then I'm not gonna ask much, just take care of this relationship. That's all.

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  1. So sweet sya...siape lah gerangan orang yang bertuah tu kan..:P