Tuesday, 6 March 2012



 I'm not so sure is that the best word to describe how am I right now. Well lately I keep thinking of something which I know I supposedly not. There are so many things I'm afraid of. Yes, I am. Afraid to have a serious relationship; afraid to lose someone; afraid to give a hope; afraid to hurt others feeling; and yet the thing that I afraid the most is to be a strangers, again, to a person whom mean so much to me, once.
it's hurt.like seriously

If you already watch the movie; 'strangers,again', then you'll know why I prefer not to get further than just the stage 2. Sometimes it is better to be just friend, cause sure it will last forever, than to be something, end up with nothing. But for some person with some reason, I don't think we could be friend, again, after what had happened. It's not that easy. sorry

My life is getting much much better now with just me, myself and I.

p/s; Thank you for those who are still besides me now. No matter what happen, just stay. Please. Cause I'll never say and show how much I need you guys. It's much easier for me to let the word remain unsaid and to watch you walk away from my life than speak it out and ask you to stay. and that's me.

 Whatever happen or no matter how miserable I am, I'll make sure myself to stay strong and keep moving like I always did. Yeah for sure, 
I will ;)

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