Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Breakfast time with mama and si bujang kecil :)
Finally, arrived..

*scroll fast

*In the crowd
This 'cat' blew me a kiss. How sweet ;)
*Hollywood Street.
*Far far away land

The best way to release tension is by riding a roller coaster. Best feeling ever ^^
My one and only HANDSOME boy :)
Can't resist his cuteness.. maigadd.
*scroll fast
Handsome boy fell asleep
Familia <3

Why am I doing that? okay. awkward. *krik krik..

That awkward moment when you don't know any of the cartoon characters haha
Childish much. *close eyes

Handsome boy is busy looking at the map haha

my Boys ;)

Farewell USS :)

p/s: Maaf seandainya tiap kali scroll, 'eh muka dia lagi.. dia lagi..' HAHA ;D