Thursday, 27 September 2012


I don't know how often I did this,indeed. 
Typed a very long message, described what I really felt, what I really want you to know, and what I'm actually dying to say and DELETED the whole text eventually.

Sometimes, i wonder why you took that little things for granted,
cause that little things mean so much to me actually.

imisstheoldUS .

please don't be someone who hurts me .

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Breakfast time with mama and si bujang kecil :)
Finally, arrived..

*scroll fast

*In the crowd
This 'cat' blew me a kiss. How sweet ;)
*Hollywood Street.
*Far far away land

The best way to release tension is by riding a roller coaster. Best feeling ever ^^
My one and only HANDSOME boy :)
Can't resist his cuteness.. maigadd.
*scroll fast
Handsome boy fell asleep
Familia <3

Why am I doing that? okay. awkward. *krik krik..

That awkward moment when you don't know any of the cartoon characters haha
Childish much. *close eyes

Handsome boy is busy looking at the map haha

my Boys ;)

Farewell USS :)

p/s: Maaf seandainya tiap kali scroll, 'eh muka dia lagi.. dia lagi..' HAHA ;D


Friday, 25 May 2012

The pictures of US :)

See, the emptiness of Genting Theme Park. The best thing of all haha

Ini tempat, kami yang pegang HA HA

the bodyguard :)

the 'bekal' hehe. Credit to Capital U ;)

They really know how to hide their 'cuakness' ;P
Hello uncle who sat next to our mr.bodyguard, you did spoiled his excitement, indeed haha
thing that should be highlight here is, Sheril's face before, 'weyh, sumpah tak lock'.. when she already at the top of the space shot hahaha lol

2nd round ;)
Oh, beautiful ladies were surrounded with the 'meninblack'. coolio ;p
3rd round ! ohmaigadd, guyss..
Acap's cognitive dissonance face hehe :D

Si Rambut Mahal, Mai :)

The photographer, Yan :)

The gorgeous, Anis :)

The pretty, Sheril :)

the ordinary, ME :)